An investment model prediction of dating infidelity

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Men who have cheated before are at an increased risk of future infidelity (7).According to Ashley, men are more susceptible to cheating at ages 29, 39, 49, and 59 especially if they are facing personal milestones in their lives.Relationship Issues Contributing to Infidelity Infidelity is both a cause of marital distress and a consequence of problems in a marriage (29).In other words, marriages that have unresolved issues in them are more susceptible to affairs.Between 1991-2006, the most dramatic rise in infidelity has been in men ages 65-90 due to accessible treatment for ED (28).

National surveys estimate that sexual infidelity hovers around 21-23% for men and 15-19% for women.Individual Characteristics That Increase the Probability of Infidelity Socially dominant males who are affluent and possess high resources are more inclined to be unfaithful according to the research (17, 21).Men who have a higher propensity for sexual excitation, who are more impulsive, and who have a tendency to engage in regretful sexual behavior during negative affective states are more affair-prone as well (22).Men, managers and executives, southerners, occupants of large cities, African Americans and those who have had a number of prior sexual partners also seem to be more prone to infidelity (25, 36).Approximately 65-70% of couples who experience infidelity stay married.

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Persons in dating and cohabitating relationships have a higher probability of cheating on their significant other than married couples(1).